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    Download the newest version of Ninja Deathmatch here!


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    Download the newest version of Ninja Deathmatch here!

    Post by ResQ on Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:18 pm


    - New icons for The only true Axe (Staff of Masters) and Hammer of Truth
    - Staff of Masters renamed into The only true Axe
    - Updated Enigma's (Void Walker)Icon
    - Enigma's name Darchrow renamed into Void Walker
    - Changed Enigma's Black Hole hotkey from G to F
    - A new area has been released:
    The desert:
    This area is best played with 8-12 players
    - Reduced map size by removing unnecessary imports
    - Improved terrain in every area with minor changes

    - A new shop has been added, some recipes have been moved into this shop
    The Marketplace:
    This shop sells magical and various other items.

    Wand of Slow
    Staff of Mediocre Power
    Book of Revelations
    The only true Axe (Staff of Masters)
    Potion of Mana
    Robe of the Magi
    - On top of this, removed unnecessarily duplicated items in shops (Wand of Slow, Book of Revelations)

    Direct Download:



    - Fixed Immolation targeting dead units
    - Fixed Fan of Knives targeting dead units and dead trees
    - Fan of Knives now shoots multiple smaller projectiles
    - Shadow Strike evasion to 20/30/40
    - Helm of Kings evasion now stacks with other evasions correctly
    - Fixed golems not gaining their speed increase with growth.
    - Increased Backstab range (+10)
    - Nerfed bear's cast point
    - Crypt lord spawns 1 less beetle with Crypt Fiends
    - Seeds no longer die when their owner does
    - nerfed Inner Fire
    - Staff of Masters now gives +9 attack speed
    - Horn of Fury passive and active attack speed increased by 10
    - Hyperspeed boots recipe cost increased by 5
    - Gloves are now 2g cheaper

    - Arena is now fully revealed
    - Fixed some visuals
    - Bear shows animations on his spells
    - new command -killme for anti-stuck

    Direct Downlaod:

    rapidshare.com Ninja_Deathmatch_RC_v1.07da.w3x
    ul.to h5c6ca


    - Added a new Hero: The warden
    The warden is an agile hero that mastered the arts of moving techniques. By moving faster than the eye can, see she can move quickly from one point to another.
    - Shuriken Cooldown 0sec => 4sec
    - Evasion system (Evasion stacks, from items for example)
    - Fixed Hyperboots
    - Maximum ms from 400 to 522
    - Green paws of Lycan +1g cost and attack speed to 30%


    Direct Download:

    rapidshare.com Ninja_Deathmatch_RC_v1.07b.rar
    mediafire.com ?7kcgsq2t1cae8vs


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